Choose your model
Citigo 3-Door
Citigo 3 Door Sfrom £8,210
Citigo 3 Door SEfrom £9,060
Citigo 3 Door Elegancefrom £10,000
Citigo 3-Door Monte Carlofrom £10,590
Citigo 5-Door
Citigo 5 Door Sfrom £8,560
Citigo 5 Door SEfrom £9,410
Citigo 5 Door Elegancefrom £10,350
Citigo 5-Door Monte Carlofrom £10,940
Roomster Sfrom £12,105
Roomster GreenLine IIfrom £16,325
Roomster SEfrom £13,575
Roomster Scoutfrom £14,685
Fabia Hatch
Fabia Hatch Sfrom £9,945
Fabia Hatch SEfrom £11,980
Fabia Hatch Elegancefrom £14,295
Fabia Hatch GreenLine IIfrom £14,275
Fabia Hatch RSfrom £17,555
New Fabia Hatch
Fabia Hatch Sfrom £10,600
Fabia Hatch SEfrom £12,760
Fabia Hatch SE Lfrom £13,610
New Fabia Estate
Fabia Estate Sfrom £12,460
Fabia Estate SEfrom £13,905
Fabia Estate SE Lfrom £14,755
Rapid Sfrom £13,190
Rapid GreenLinefrom £17,815
Rapid SEfrom £14,930
Rapid Sportfrom £15,630
Rapid Elegancefrom £16,380
Rapid Spaceback
Rapid Spaceback Sfrom £14,340
Rapid Spaceback GreenLinefrom £17,195
Rapid Spaceback SE Techfrom £15,480
Rapid Spaceback SE Sportfrom £17,380
Octavia Hatch
Octavia Hatch Sfrom £16,310
Octavia Hatch SEfrom £17,660
Octavia Hatch GreenLine IIIfrom £20,300
Octavia Hatch SE Businessfrom £19,560
Octavia Hatch Elegancefrom £20,560
Octavia Hatch vRSfrom £23,755
Octavia Hatch L&Kfrom £26,410
Octavia Estate
Octavia Estate Sfrom £17,115
Octavia Estate SEfrom £18,465
Octavia Estate GreenLine IIIfrom £21,105
Octavia Estate SE Businessfrom £20,365
Octavia Estate Scoutfrom £25,315
Octavia Estate Elegancefrom £21,365
Octavia Estate vRSfrom £24,560
Octavia Estate L&Kfrom £27,215
Superb Hatch
Superb Hatch Sfrom £18,690
Superb Hatch SEfrom £21,665
Superb Hatch SE Businessfrom £20,625
Superb Hatch Elegancefrom £23,990
Superb Hatch L&Kfrom £26,830
Superb Estate
Superb Estate Sfrom £19,815
Superb Estate SEfrom £22,945
Superb Estate SE Businessfrom £21,905
Superb Estate Outdoorfrom £27,000
Superb Estate Outdoor Plusfrom £28,000
Superb Estate Elegancefrom £25,375
Superb Estate L&Kfrom £28,760
Yeti Sfrom £16,715
Yeti SEfrom £18,225
Yeti Elegancefrom £20,050
Yeti Monte Carlofrom £24,390
Yeti Outdoor
Yeti Outdoor Sfrom £16,715
Yeti Outdoor SEfrom £18,225
Yeti Outdoor SE Businessfrom £19,605
Yeti Outdoor Elegancefrom £20,050
Yeti Outdoor L&Kfrom £25,610

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